Maybe you looked the other way for a few months or years, and somehow the garage became a jungle of boxes, cobwebs, and who knows what else. Or maybe the in-laws arrive tomorrow and everything needs to be perfect. Or you have your job, family, friends, and hobbies and don’t want to add ‘clean the house’ to your busy schedule.

For these or any number of reasons you may want to hire someone to clean the house. Whether it’s a one-time job or you’re looking for an on-going arrangement, workers at the Center can help out!

To hire a worker, you can visit our building located at 113 Escuela Ave, call us at (650) 903-4102, or use our online form. Expected hourly pay is $12/hour for lighter jobs and $15/hour for heavier jobs. For a complete list of answers to questions about hiring and the Center, please click here.

Soy Ana Vazquez, Oficios domesticos

English below Spanish.

Soy experta en limpieza de casas. En México me dedicaba al mismo oficio, por lo que tengo mucha experiencia. Desde que llegue a los Estados Unidos, me he desempeñado en lo mismo.

Soy una persona muy servicial, atenta y amable. Tambíen, tengo mucha experiencia en atender a los niños, dado que tengo mis propios hijos.

Si alguien le interesa mis servicios, favor comunicarse a mi dirección de correo:

My name is Ana Vasquez, household work

I am an expert in house cleaning. In Mexico I cleaned houses too, and thus have a lot of experience. Since coming to the United States, I have worked doing this as well.

I am very helpful, attentive, and kind. I also have a lot of experience caring for children, given that I have my own.

If anyone is interested in my services, please contact me via my email,

Eloisa Garcia, Oficios Domésticos

English below Spanish.

Mi nombre es Eloisa García  y soy de México. Tengo  11 años  de residir en los Estados Unidos y actualmente radico en la Ciudad de Mountain View, California.

Estudié  el sexto grado de primaria, mis clases favoritas eran Ciencias y Lenguaje, por lo que estudiar siempre ha sido importante para mi.

Durante diez años, me he dedicado a trabajar en Oficios Domésticos por lo que actualmente poseo gran experiencia. Incluso trabajo independientemente.

Si usted esta interesado en mis servicios, favor comuníquese a (650) 960-3463 o a mi correo electrónico:

Eloisa Garcia, household work

My name is Eloisa Garcia and I am from Mexico. I have lived in the United States for 11 years, and currently reside in the city of Mountain View, California.

I studied through sixth grade. My favorite classes were science and language arts, and because of them studying has always been important to me.

I have worked in domestic work for 10 years now, and thus have a lot of experience. I also work independently.

If you are interested in my services, please contact me at (650) 960-3463 or use my email,

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