Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall—as the seasons change there is always something to be done in the garden. Workers at the Center can clean up an overgrown yard, rake leaves, help you put in some new plants, trim trees and bushes, and more. Individuals have years of experience in landscaping and are happy to serve.

To hire a worker, you can visit our building located at 113 Escuela Ave, call us at (650) 903-4102, or use our online form. Expected hourly pay is $12/hour for lighter jobs and $15/hour for heavier jobs. For a complete list of answers to questions about hiring and the Center, please click here.

Antonio Martínez Hernández, Jardinero y Pintor

English below Spanish.

Me llamo Antonio Martinéz Hernández y soy del estado de  Puebla México.  Yo vivo en Estados Unidos y he vivido en California por 8 años. Ahora trabajo y resido en Mountain View, California donde yo especializo en jardinería  y pintura. La compañía donde yo he trabajado en Garibay Gardening. En mi país estudie preparatoria y mi favorito sujeto es  la matematica. Tengo 2 años en DayWorker Center de Mountain View.  Espero que alguien se interese por mi experiencia que tengo en jardinería y pintura.  Si gusta contratar mis servicios mi numero telefónico es (650) 669-2668 y mi coreo electrónico es antonio65081@hotmail. com.

Antonio Martinez Hernandez, Gardener and Painter

My name is Antonio Martinez Hernandez, and I’m from the state of Puebla, Mexico. I now live in the United States and have lived in California for 8 years.  I work and live in Mountain View, where I specialize in landscaping and painting. The company that I have worked for is Garibay Gardening. In my home country I studied through high school, and my favorite subject was math. I have been at the Dayworker Center of Mountain View for 2 years. I hope that someone is interested in my experience in landscaping and painting. If you would like to hire my services my phone number is (650) 669-2668 and my email is antonio65081@hotmail. com.

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