The Day Worker Center of Mountain View has launched this blog site to promote greater awareness and understanding about the day worker population within the community-at-large.

The Day Worker Center of Mountain View is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the day laborer community in Mountain View, Los Altos, and surrounding communities. The Center was established in 1996 by local business people, community leaders, and church leaders to provide job-matching services for hundreds of local homeowners and businesses annually.

The Day Worker Center of Mountain View’s mission is to provide a safe and supportive environment in which to connect day workers and employers with dignity.  In addition, we strive to empower day workers and improve their socio-economic condition through fair employment, education, job skills training, and community service.  The Center also supports advocacy efforts on issues that affect day workers.

At a time when immigration reform is being debated across the country, we feel it is important to present the voices of day laborers themselves. We welcome your comments and feedback.

Volunteers are providing translation support for the blogs written in Spanish. The Midpeninsula Community Media Center is also providing support and training for the project participants. The project is made possible with support from the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

In addition to supporting the day laborer community, the Center contributes to the community in the following ways:

  • Decreases the number of workers congregating on the streets
  • Reduces the number of calls to Police Departments of nuisance complaints in the areas where workers congregate
  • Alleviates the workload and financial impact on local emergency rooms by providing free weekly medical visits by the Gardner mobile medical van
  • Provides a location for service providers, such as Community Services Agency, to reach their clients
  • Provides ESL classes to the workers which helps them interact with employers and assimilate more effectively
  • Serves as a critical conduit for the city agencies and services to communicate with the Latino community

While the Midpeninsula Community Media Center (or MCMC) provided the Center assistance with setting up this blog site, MCMC is not the owner of the blog. The content on the blog is provided by the Day Worker Center staff, volunteers, and day laborers, as well as visitors who leave comments. MCMC does not control, is not liable for, and does not necessarily endorse, support, or share the viewpoint of any content on the blog, unless written by an authorized staff person of MCMC.


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