Day Worker Center Needs Donations for Kitchen Renovation | Town Square | Mountain View Online |

27 May

The Day Worker Center does much more than help the community and companies come together around jobs. As pointed out in the article by Jim Neal below, they have big hearts. They provide blankets to children, host blood drives, until recently provided meals, and so much more.

Today is Memorial Day, a holiday meant to remember those who have died after they fought for us. It’s a day to reflect on the actions of those from groups we normally don’t think of when we consider who has served our country. The practice of honoring deceased soldiers dates back hundreds, nearly thousands of years. The practice of honoring the departed in the U.S. goes back to the Civil War. One story involves former slaves paying homage to the brave people who fought and died for their freedom.

There are people here fighting for their freedom today. The freedom to work, to be paid a fair wage, and to seek care for their health and well-being. The Day Worker Center is run not by military soldiers but by a dedicated staff all the same that believes that the sacrifices they make will lead their patrons to economic freedom. They put useful tools into the hands of those who are often forgotten, those struggling to better themselves, and who want to do it in a country that promises freedom by the actions of those protecting it.

The Day Worker Center would like to bring their kitchen up to code but they need your help to do it. Investing in them is investing in the community and its workers. We honor those who served and died in a divided nation. Let us remember to also honor those who serve now, in multiple ways and in many different roles. I do not mean to draw attention away from the brave soldiers of the past. I only hope to remind you that there are still people today in a variety of jobs and services that are not often thanked or supported. If you know anyone who’s been able to move forward because of the Center, or if you were someone they helped, please consider giving back.

You never know whose lives you might touch with a good meal in a warm and renovated kitchen.

For more information, please refer to the article below and the Day Worker Center website, found here.


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