Fidel y Mi Primer Auto en los Estados Unidos

16 Mar

Spanish below English

Okay, cuando yo compre mi primer carro tenia 36 anos. Yo no sabia manejar pero mi amigo me dio unas clases por una hora. Por largo tiempo no tome ninguna clase, mas hasta que por decision propia, cierta noche me puse frente al volante. Y no sali a la calle cuando yo fui a chocar con un carro estacionado! Queria frenar pero en vez de frenar, acelere. Este gusto me salio en 750.00 dolares. Despues de esto el carro no volvio a caminar nunca mas–tuve que deshacerme de el. Para mi segundo auto ya fui un poco con mas suerte porque en este carro si yo aprendi a manejar y sigo manejando hasta hoy.

Fidel and My First Car in the United States: Okay, when I bought my first car I was 36 years old. I didn’t know how to drive but my friend gave me driving lessons for about an hour. For a long time I didn’t take any classes, but one night, I made up my mind to get in front of the steering wheel. I didn’t even reach the street before I hit a parked car! I wanted to brake, but instead of braking, I accelerated. This experience cost me 750 dollars. After that night, the car never drove again–I had to get rid of it. For my second car, I had a little more luck because with this car I learned to drive and I’m still driving today.

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