Resolutions for the New Year

19 Jan

Written in Crislene’s English class. Note: Corrections are enclosed in []s.

In this new year, my goal is [to] learn more English, because in this country it is necessary [to] understand[,] talk [speak,] and write, if you know these things maybe you could find better work that is the reason for me study more.



Hi everybody and Happy New Year. I want to tell [you] something about my resolution for this year. I want to keep learning English and try to have more conversation[s] in [] real life. Another resolution I have is [to] keep practice[ing] guitar and bass. I have the music. I would like to get a better job for this year and be positive in [] life and remove all the bad things in my life.


This year I want learning English very well. I thinks so is possible that I have the focus in this job. I wish the speak, writing in form correct. Understand the English that is what I want. Don’t let me down, ok.


I have to increase my knowledge in English language because it is important to get more opportunities in this country. It is hard but [it] is good [to] speak two languages. Have a nice day.


One of my goal[s] for this year is [to] study English very hard, and when I [im]prove my English I would like to get a better job.



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