A Reunion Concert to Remember

30 Aug

photo by Alaina.Buzas on flickr.com

Today, in our ESL-Blog class at the Day Worker Center, we talked about the type of music we enjoy listening to or the live concerts we have attended.

For me, it was the Reunion concert of Simon & Garfunkel concert at the Oakland Coliseum in the early 80s.

Actually, it was my older brother who was then a seminarian, who introduced me to the soft-rock music of the duo during my teen-age years, back in the Philippines.

Songs such as “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”, “The Boxer” and the “Sounds of Silence”, are  songs that are so popular that I remember singing along with the rest of the audience throughout the two-hour concert. Nostalgia is written all over the faces of most audience members, predominantly of the baby -boomer generation. These are songs that transport me back to my teen-age drinking sessions with my  friends, some playing the guitars, some singing and the rest, including me just humming along and drinking.

The day after the concert,  I read the review in the Oakland Tribune and the San Francisco Chronicle that said the the concert was more about making money rather than re-staging a special event that took place a year earlier in Central Park, New York City. I say to those concert reviewers, “sorry but you were wrong. Every concert attendee had smiles on there faces, and at times tears in their eyes – especially during the encore portion when they sang ‘The Sounds of  Silence.’  I say that ‘event’ was priceless.”

Lastly, I can definitely say with such other live concerts featuring such other rock  acts like Kenny loggins, Rod  Stewart, Hall & Oates, to name some, I consider the Simon/Gartfynkel reunion concert  the concert I enjoyed the most and the best one I will always remember.


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