Jose Arce, Profesional en Lavado de carros y pintura de casas

30 Jan

English below Spanish.

Hola mi nombre es Jose Arce. Quiero compartir algo de mis especialidades. Yo soy pintor, me especializo en detallar muebles desgastados y renovarlos a su estado original.Tengo experiencia en stucco veneciano,detallado de marcos,y paredes,igualo colores de paredes,puedo trabajar en bando, calking gun,pintura a mano (brocha), preparación pera cualquier tipo de paredes,cielos,y ventanas. también hago otro tipo de trabajos incluso soy profesional en lavado, pulido y encerado de carros, interior y exterior, no soy el único pero si el mejor. Trabajo garantizado, en las puertas de su casa, no tiene que venir nosotros vamos a su casa.


Jose Arce, car-washing and house-painting professional

Hi, my name is Jose Arce. I want to share a bit about what I specialize in. I am a painter, and specialize in detailing worn-out furniture and restoring them to their original state. I have experience with Venetian stucco, door frame and wall detailing, matching wall colors, working in a team, using a caulking gun, painting by hand (brush), and preparing all kinds of walls, ceilings, and windows. I also do other kinds of work, including carwashing, polishing, and waxing as well as interiors and exteriors. I’m not the only one who does these things, but I am the best. Satisfaction guaranteed, at your door, you don’t have to come to us we’ll come to you.

One Response to “Jose Arce, Profesional en Lavado de carros y pintura de casas”

  1. Annick May 10, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    It has been a pleasure to work with Jose on a first job. He is experienced and strives for quality.
    He works hard to make his dream a reality.
    I wish him good luck.


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